Update on Post Event Newsletter and Event Photos


Dear Members

A quick heads up – due to some unforeseen software issues, we are now behind on our schedule by several weeks, which means the member photos and post event article for the above event are also behind publishing schedule.

We’ve set a new date for them to be published by Wednesday 20th December 2017.

Once published, this means that your photos will be in our member gallery and the post event article will be emailed to all members, and also listed in the Live News blog for all to see.

It also means that if you attended that event and have not yet sent in the info we needed to feature your business, you still have time.

Please Click Here to read a list of the info we need.

If you have already sent the info, you are welcome now to revise it and send anything extra that will help; please bear in mind that the photos and post event article are aimed at maximizing your brand exposure as much as possible, and it does not cost you anything extra.

We would also like to have your brand in the background of your photos, so please feel free to send in your brand banner images or flyers in jpg format as well.

CautionOne last tip – if you have completed your business profile, log in and check if your member status is BASIC MEMBERSHIP or BRONZE MEMBERSHIP. 

If it is still Basic Membership it means we have not received your email that your business profile is ready for review; we need to review your profile before we will upgrade your account to Bronze Membership, and once your account is upgraded, your business profile will be listed on our Professional Members Directory.  

To escalate your free member upgrade, please email us ASAP once your profile is updated.

Thanks for understanding!

Caz Livingstone
Club Manager

uGoGo Business Club