Daily archives: 10th May 2017

Dear Members UBC has grown to the point where we have started our next phase of development. With effect from the 8th of May 2017 we charge a Membership Registration fee. This fee applies to all new members who sign up from 9th of May 2017 onwards.   EXEMPT MEMBERS […]

Membership Pricing

APPROVED MEMBERS UPGRADED Please note that we have upgraded all Approved members who were approved by 8th May 2017 to Business Circle Membership Level FREE OF CHARGE.     MEMBERSHIP LEVEL BADGE You can tell if you were upgraded when you log into your members area and you see the […]

Free Membership Upgrade

Shop Display Image
SHOP ONLINE   Thank you for being so patient while we set up our member shop software.   It is finally up and running and available via your member menu.   BROWSE THE SHOP In the member shop you can browse products and services, and book for events. You can also […]

NEW FEATURE! Member Shop

NOW OPEN FOR BOOKINGS! Business Networking Event  in Margate, KZN on 24 June 2017. CLICK HERE for event info. CLICK HERE to book now. Book your seats, tables or floor space for you and your team now! This event is not to be missed! Not only will you get to […]

NEW EVENT: Business Networking Event

Workshop Event Image
NOW OPEN FOR BOOKING! Business Leaders Workshop Margate KZN 10 June 2017 ACTIVATE YOUR SALES TEAM CLICK HERE for event info CLICK HERE to book now A new event coming up on 10 June 2017 called “Activate Your Sales Team” is now open for booking. It is being held in […]

NEW EVENT: Business Leaders Workshop

HAVE YOU SEEN IT YET? We launched our official Member Photo Gallery a few weeks back – have you seen it yet? We will post event photo’s in the gallery for every event we have – so you can check out who attended and what businesses they represent.   DID […]

Photo Gallery Launched

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  Dear Members UBC is growing so fast that we need to get news out to members more regularly … as it happens. We decided to launch a live news page, which will list all the latest updates and blogs that we publish. CLICK HERE TO GO TO LIVE NEWS […]

Live News Launched