filter pump

Filter Pump Advantages

1.The impeller has a spacious flow path and superior hydraulic performance.The front and rear cover of the impeller is equipped with back blades,which can reduce the leakage of the medium.Different types of impellers can be selected according to the characteristics of the medium,and the interchangeability is good.

2.Designed with a variety of sealing forms,reasonable choices can be made for different working conditions and different user requirements.

3.The shaft adopts a rigid design,and the bearings adopt national standard roller bearings and radial thrust bearings,which can withstand large radial forces and ensure long-term operation of the transmission part.

4.The pump casing is sturdy and thick,the inner wall is smooth,the corrosion resistance is outstanding,and the service life is guaranteed.

5.There is a large conical space between the impeller wheel and the pump cover,which effectively prevents the possibility of solid-phase medium entering the shaft seal.

6.Equipped with an axial adjustment device.After a certain amount of abrasion and corrosion occurs on the flow part,the gap between the impeller and the pump body can be adjusted to maximize the performance of the pump.