yarn tube paper making machine


At present,our company can manufacture high strength yarn tube paper production line with a width of up to 6800mm,working speed 550m/min,production capacity 800T/D,we provide the whole set of paper production line and EPC turnkey project.

At present,this equipment can produce bobbin/yarn tube paper A,B,C grade,suitable for different needs of customers,with high production efficiency and short delivery cycle.


1 Headbox

Open/Air cushion/Hydraulic/Diluted water/Jet type headbox

2 Wire part

Wire part classification:single layer/multi-layer fourdrinier part,cylinder part.

3 Press part

Double/Multi-roller press,its function is to maintain a certain tension and moisture in the base paper during finishing and dehydration,so that the paper is not easy to break and crack when entering the drying section.

4 Drying part

The dryer section of the paper machine is composed of a DCS thermal control system single-cylinder or multi-cylinder dryer section,a GCS steam condensate system,a closed air hood and a heat exchange ventilation system.

5 Calender+Reeling machine

6 Auxiliary and control system

Paper machine chemical system+DCS control system+GCS multi-stage gas supply system+QCS paper detection system+MCS drive control system

7 Rewinder

Upper-leading/lower-leading rewinding machine


Technical parameters of yarn tube paper production line

Raw materialWaste paper,OCC,Commercial wood pulp
Paper kindYarn tube paper
Paper width1880-6800 mm
Basis weight300-1200 g/m2
Design speed60-550 m/min
Working speed50-500 m/min
Capacity50-600 T/D
Transmission typeAC motor,frequency conversion drive
Arrange typeSingle/Double layer arrange