pressure screen(upward flow)

Pressure Screen Introduction

The UV series pressure screen is a new recycled pulp screening equipment that dekelon developed for the paper industry.According to the characteristics of impurities in the pulp,this pressure screening machine is designed with an upward flow structure.It can be widely used for coarse and fine screening of various wastepaper pulp as well as pulp screening before going to the paper machine,and features an unmatched working performance and reliability.

Features of the Pressure Screen

1.The upward flow structure avoids pipe intersections in the pressure screen.

2.A steady open base design ensures easy maintenance and change of the belt and belt pulley.

3.The large power drive part of the sealing device on the pulp screen can be installed and dismantled integrally,reducing the downtime for maintenance.

4.It is easy to clean,adjust,check,and dismantle the screen cylinder and rotor.

5.The pressure screen can be equipped with different cylinders,including the plain and corrugated screen cylinders.

6.According to pulp properties,the stock、preparation equipment can be equipped with various kinds of rotors.

7.The maximun pressure is 875Kpa and can meet various application conditions.

Technical Parameters of the Pressure Screen

Screen Mesh Size(mm)1.1-5
Screen CutSize(mm)H0.15-1
Screen Area(m2)
Cylinder Specifications(mm)407x258600x311600x425600x635600x800756x838756x1048920x1048
Inlet Consistency(%)0.2-6
Inlet Diameter(mm)150200200200300325350350
Outlet Diameter(mm)150200200200300325350350
Top RejectsDischarge Hole Diameter80100100100100125125125