UBC Membership - Acceptance Policy


The following policy applies to membership applications submitted to uGoGo Business Club (UBC), via online application form at our website http://www.ugogo.co.za.

UBC may change this policy at any time at our discretion.

Member acceptance is at the sole discretion of UBC; this policy serves as a general guideline to help reduce the number of business applying for membership, which we find unsuitable for our Club.


UBC has the following categories of membership:

1.1 Applicant Membership

This type of membership is an individual or organizaton who has applied for UBC membership, and is still going through the application and approval process.

1.2 Free Membership

This type of membership is an individual or organizaton who has applied for UBC membership, and has been approved for Free Membership status.

1.3 Paid Membership

This type of membership is an individual or organizaton who has applied for a Paid UBC membership, and has been approved for one of our Paid Membership options, if and when they become available.


The following is a list of business types we will not accept under any circumstances:

2.1.  Illegal business of any type.

2.2.  Adult businesses of any type.

2.3.  Political businesses of any Political category.

2.4.  Gambling and lotto type businesses and/or any type of money game business.

2.5.  Pyramid Schemes, Chain Letters, etc. (Legitimate Network Marketing businesses are welcome.)

2.6.  Puppy Mills, and pet shops selling live animals.  (Legitimate Farming and Livestock businesses welcome.)

2.7.  Animal hunting and/or related products and/or services.

2.8.  Dating and/or Escort services.

2.9.  Esoteric type services, including but not limited to:  Sangoma's (Traditional Herbalists), Witchdoctors, Fortune Tellers, Psychics, etc.

2.10.  Any business in opposition to UBC in any way.  This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

2.10.1.  Marketing and Advertising Services of any type.

2.10.2.  Marketing and Advertising Courses of any type.

2.10.3.  Business Directories, listings, etc.

2.10.4.  Business Membership type businesses.

2.10.5.  B2B Events

2.11.  Any business which falls under Government regulations and where you cannot provide your government issued registration number when requested. e.g. financial services, medical services etc.



UBC limits the numbers of memberships allowed for certain types/brands of businesses, to prevent our system being flooded; Click Here to view the list of Limited Business Types.



Applicants will be considered favorable for UBC membership if they meet the following criteria:

3.1.  Are no less than 18 years of age.

3.2.  Have a business operating from and based in South Africa; this can be any legal entity type of business including sole proprietors, sole traders, close corporations, and companies.  South African based businesses also trading internationally are accepted.

3.3.  Agree to and comply with all policies, agreements, terms and conditions and any other legal documents and/or regulations governing UBC Membership, listed under the LEGAL category of our Knowledge Base published elsewhere on this website.

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