Which bank to use for your Small Business?

Dear Members

We all know the importance of keeping our business income separate to our personal income.

And one of the ways to do that when starting out is to have a separate bank account for your business transactions.

It not only helps keep your funds separate, but also gives a more professional image to your customers, to give out bank details in the name of your business instead of your personal name.

As a sole proprietor just starting your business and watching costs, one of your most annoying expenses can be your bank account.

I did a bit of digging around and found some very interesting things about opening a business bank account; I’m going to share them with you but please note, everything here is my own personal opinion and I am not by any means any type of banking expert.

Here are a few things I found out when looking around for a South African business bank account for UBC – that might help you:


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