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Thank you Members, for attending our event in Durban on 11 November 2017!


I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all attendees for attending our recent Network and Mini-Expo event in Durban on 11 November 2017, as part of our mission to bring businesses together.

In my view, the event was an incredible success and on behalf of our team, I would like to thank you for spending the day with us. It was great to see your support, and to have the opportunity to meet so many of you face to face at last, and it was fantastic to see so many diverse businesses from all levels in the same room, enjoying themselves.

I hope you had the chance to meet our key-note speaker, Allan Desmet from Profusion Magazine who visited us all the way from Gauteng to give us all golden nuggets about advertising trends today; he always has extremely valuable information to share with us.

I also hope that you all had a chance to chat to the UBC Founding members who were able to attend, and they all came all the way from the South Coast of KZN.

Over 21 businesses

were represented, which was a huge success considering this was our first meeting in Durban, our fourth meeting ever, and that our club is just under a year old.

I was personally very happy to see that you all took this meeting seriously and made the effort to bring as many marketing materials as you could, and I was tickled pink by all the wonderful specials and lucky draws that you arranged on the day.

A big round of applause to Liz Wheeler and Gerald Wheeler who arranged the goodies in the Kitchen, and another round of applause for our team and the volunteers who stepped in to help set-up and arrange the room and clean up afterwards.

Many thanks to Rene’ from Profusion Magazine and Peter Smit from Ikaheng for stepping in to assist with the event photographs, and Thami Tshenge who broadcasted the event live via his new Radio App business.

We could not have done it without you.



I was also thrilled to announce that everyone who attended is now automatically given the title of UBC Founding Member; we have a tradition that anyone who attends the very first meeting in a new area is automatically considered a Founding Member.

Founding Members often receive privileges that other members don’t receive, such as free tickets, choice of stands, special discounts, early bird news and so forth.

We regard Founding Members very highly, because not only where they the first to support us in an area, but also because they now have experience of how we operate they can be examples to new members, people whom new members can look to for guidance on how to behave, or go to for assistance or queries about the Club.

Well done and welcome to all our new founding members!





At the end of November 2017, we will be releasing our post event newsletter.

This newsletter will be a write up about all the businesses who attended, what they offer, and what specials the offered for the day.

We want to list your logos, the photo of you and your stand at the event, your flyers of the specials/prizes you offered, and link it all back to your UBC Professional Profile page.

If you want your business to be featured in this newsletter instead of just mentioned as part of the list of attendees, then please do the following and send it to us not later than the end of the business day on Friday 24th November 2017.

1. Update your UBC Profile asap so that we can make it live for all to see, and link it to the photos and articles to be released about the event. Please click here for guidelines on setting up your profile

2. Email us jpg images of your adverts and the special offers and/or lucky draws/ prizes that you offered at the event; we will be announcing those in the article about the event.

3. The photos will be edited, branded and released back to us at the end of November 2017; once they are in our members gallery will email everyone so that you can go download the ones you like.

4. Please send us your logos as we wish to brand all the event photos with the business logos of all founding members who attended this milestone event.

5. Please also send in a maximum 600 word description that we can include in the article; we need the following info:

  1. What your business does
  2. What special/prizes you offered at the event
  3. How was the event beneficial to you
  4. Did you receive any leads or business as a result of the event
  5. Why you believe this event will benefit businesses who attend in the future.

Please have this information sent to us by close of business not later than Friday 24th November 2017, if you want your business to featured and not just listed as an attendee, in our post event article.

Click Here for our contact information.



Thanks once again everyone, looking forward to seeing you all again at the offline events next year.

My door is always open and if there is anything UBC or I can help with, please do not hesitate to email me or send me a WhatsApp Message!

Thanks and God Bless

From Caz and the Event Team



Caz Livingstone, Club Manager
Norah Koen, SC Area Consultant
Nkosi, Car Guard



Nhlanhla Gcina, UBC Silver Member and Founding Member
Thami Tshenge, UBC Silver Member and Founding Member
Allan Livingstone, UBC Silver Member and Founding Member
Margaret Baker, UBC Silver Member and Founding Member
Liz Wheeler, UBC Silver Member and Founding Member
Gerald Wheeler, UBC Silver Member and Founding Member


Positively yours
uGoGo Business Club