Stories and Testimonials

Thank you for the opportunity to attend the uGoGo Business Club networking event, this was the first time we attended one of these types of meetings that actually was worth going to.  It was nice to stand up to tell everybody about our business and meet new people. The guest speaker did such an amazing speech about marketing your business in the right way and we are happy that we attended because now he is helping us to get Go Green on the right path. And I see amazing things happening in our life now that we are getting the right help from the right people.

Thanks once again for this great opportunity to meet you all, can’t wait for the next meeting.

Kind Regards



Dear Caz, I would like to thank you and your team for hosting a very nice event where business people came together and shared their businesses with one another, what you have dished up was great. It was very informative and I can assure you that I have learned a lot from your guest speaker. I will definitely come back to your next meeting. Best of luck with your initiative and I believe this will still grow very big.

Regards, Petrus Ferreira
Sales and Marketing for SOLTERRA SOUTH COAST


We as Esylife had a wonderful opportunity to share with other business partners. We learned so many things i.e. how to expand the business, how to overcome challenges, how to keep our customers/ clients happy. It was fruitful to be the part and parcel of that event. We also thank the founders of uGoGo Business Club.
Esylife Team


Last Saturday (24th June 2017) I went to a meeting. This meeting was held by uGoGo Business Club. The meeting started at 1:00pm and ended at 5:00pm. I had a wonderful time meeting other business owners and managed to learn about at least 6 or 7 businesses that I was not aware of. It was very interesting for me to see and hear different people talking about their products and business, I learned so much. We also had a guest speaker who chatted to us about how to boost our business and gave us all fresh ideas on how to use the different social media platforms to our advantage. Caz, the Club Manager of uGoGo did a sterling job on running the “show” with Allan her husband by her side and her mom Sheila helping out at the coffee/tea bar. Well done to you all, I can’t wait for the next meeting. Thank you.
Norah Koen
HerbaLife Distributor.

Caz, I’m always honored to be part of the events. At each event I learn something new and valuable.

My team and I have benefited a lot through UBC and we would try and always make ourselves available for these educational and productive meetings.

Meeting others and mingling with people who are business minded really helps me to grow and the tips shared are very good.

I love my [event gift] pendant a lot😘. My friends wish they can have it too…guess what, I love it that way😂😂😂  .. where they can only wish to have it but can’t😜!


Zee Nzimande,
Esylife Founder
UBC Founding Member.

It was a pleasure working with Cas and the rest of the Ugogo team. Caz
and her team were very accommodating, professional and available at
all hours to answer questions and assist with any queries.

Caz is a great coordinator and excels at any task she undertakes. The
event was well run and a great success.

The event was a wonderful experience for me and my team and we look
forward to working closely with Ugogo and Cas on other events in the
near future.

Kind Regards

Allan Desmet,
Profusion Magazine.