Why was I banned from the Facebook ad group?

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You will be banned from our groups permanently if you posted any of the following content:

  1. Advertising the services or products related to the Occult or Estoric such as fortunetellers, psychics, non Christian healer ads, traditional herbalist, witchcraft, etc.
  2. Ads that is against our Christian beliefs, such as idol worship, programs introducing people or children to other religions other than Christianity, selling items with blatantly promote such opposite beliefs, etc.
  3. Advertising anything illegal or risky: e.g. pyramid schemes, drugs, cannabis products, lotto, gambling, peer-to-peer money schemes, unregistered stokvels, etc.
  4. Advertising Business clubs, business directories, business forum, ad listing websites, ad groups, ad services, business events. (opposition)
  5. Ads about adult services or products including adult shops, escorts agencies etc.
  6. Offensive ad content including nudity, gory pictures, slander, malicious, harmful, abusive, racialist, political, slanderous, etc.
  7. SPAMMING either by repeated ads or advertising on someone else’s ads comments box.
    offensive, and we have listed what will get you banned in the Facebook groups rules of each group.

If you still can’t figure out why you were banned from a particular group, Contact Us with as screenshot of the ad you posted.


Last Updated On October 23, 2017