FAQ & tutorials about placing your ads in our Facebook Ad Groups.

You will be banned from our groups permanently if you posted any of the following content: Advertising the services or products related to the Occult or Estoric such as fortunetellers, psychics, non Christian healer ads, traditional herbalist, witchcraft, etc. Ads that is against our Christian beliefs, such as idol worship, […]

Why was I banned from the Facebook ad group?

You will be deleted from our Facebook Ad groups if you constantly post ads against the ad rules of the particular group you were removed from. Go to the group page and read the rules. If you can’t find where to read the rules, click here. If you still can’t […]

Why was I removed from the Facebook Ad group?

Ads are deleted for only two reasons:  Your ad does not contain the minimum required information, or Your ad is against one of our ad posting rules for that group. Go to the group page and read the rules. Can’t find them?  Click Here for as screen shot showing where […]

Why was my Facebook Ad deleted?

You are welcome to report ads in our groups that you find offensive or against our rules. However, please be aware that if you are reporting an ad because you believe that the person is running a scam or an illegal business, please be sure to provide LEGAL PROOF. Without […]

Reporting an Ad in one of our Facebook groups

JOIN UBC FACEBOOK AD GROUPS UBC owns several Facebook ad groups, where members can advertise every day in our relevant groups. You can find a current list of our groups by clicking “Advertise Free” on the top menu of this page.   AD GROUP RULES The posting rules and minimum […]

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