Hi Members

We’re away from the office at the Durban Business Event in KZN on 11 November 2017!!

We are leaving 6:00 am and travelling with a convoy of two vehicles as a lift club to Durban and back, and so far 7 of usĀ  are in the convoy.

Over 60 people have booked, and over 90% of those represent unique businesses, so you can imagine how excited our members are who are attending – who are able to promote their businesses to all those business people!


We have businesses from a diverse range of industries attending, including car sales, health products, health services, engineering, custom steel cut designers, food caterers, decor, holiday accommodation, finance, architecture, printers, branders, safety training, marketers, perfume products, business school, and much, much more!

What an exposure opportunity!

Our office is closed and our entire team is at the event, so no ads in our Facebook Groups will be approved today, and probably not tomorrow either – but we will be back in full force from Monday.

Here is a quote to encourage you to be at the next event:

“Individual commitment to a group effort–that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” –Vince Lombardi

Help us spread the word and grow this club – after all, its’ free to be a member.

Spread the news to everyone you know who owns a business or is working from home, self employed etc.

Have an awesome weekend.

Caz Livingstone
Club Manager