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We bring Small to Medium Entrepreneurs (SMME’s) together at offline, social events where they can mingle and promote their business.

South Africa has many, many entrepreneurs and representatives from home based workers to those representing huge corporations.

We believe that many people prefer to do business with those they have met face to face, where possible.

We arrange different types of events which our members can attend, bring along their marketing materials including product display samples, and freely discuss their business with other members.

Any entrepreneur may apply for membership, from home based, self employed individuals to representatives of large corporations.





(A message from Caz Livingstone, Club Manager)

There are quite a few business clubs around South Africa.  You are probably wondering, what makes UBC different?  Apart from the obvious benefits of marketing your business on another business platform, what makes UBC unique?

It’s this:  We believe that you should be able to socialize WITH YOUR FAMILY and FRIENDS in a relaxed atmosphere, mingling in a friendly environment whilst feeling free … indeed, being expected to promote your business during the event.

Let me explain:

It’s traditional not to have your family and children with you when doing business. The view here is that crying children will distract your prospects from the importance of your message.

It’s also traditional not to talk business when you are at family functions; you are expected to focus and give sole attention to your family and friends, to have quality time.

And yes, there is a time and a place for both of the above.


But what we visualize is this:

  • You, with your family, enjoying a social time together, meeting new people and also making business connections at the same time.
  • You, whilst socializing, knowing that you can confidently promote your business without offending your life-partner who accompanied you – because the event expects you to socialize whilst promoting your business.
  • You, whilst promoting your business, being confident that if you child needs your attention, the person you are speaking to will not be offended, indeed, will wait patiently for you to give your child attention and then quite happily resume the conversation with you afterwards.


In South Africa more and more families are FORCED to go into some type of business to survive.  More and more families have no choice but to work from home to attend both family needs and save costs.

I believe that the business environment is changing; people want to do major business with humans, not just a hidden electronic being over the internet.

People want that real, human connection.

They want to look you in the eyes, shake your hand, assess what type of person you are. With your family around you, it helps your prospects to see your committment to your business, your authenticity, your personality.

In my case, I prefer to do major business with people I have met, made a connection with, and to some degree, trust … don’t you?

If yes, then UBC is the club for you. 

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“uGoGo” is actually a play on words, and we chose that brand name because it has several meanings:

1  it means “Grandmother” and “Great-Grandmother” in the Zulu language of South Africa, and a few other dialects of South Africa as well. uGoGo is usually a family member, but as a term of respect, all elderly women are addressed as “uGoGo” or even “GoGo” in some cases.

The Zulu people pay very high respects to their elders, just like most people do around the world.

They believe in wisdom from experience; they pay respect to knowledge due to long life.  They pay attention to what their elders say to them, and try and learn from the words their elders impart.

We incorporate the “Wisdom” and “Respect for knowledge” part of their belief as part of our philosophy for our brand name.

We believe we can learn more from people with experience, instead of limiting ourselves to studying [courses] or watching movies alone.

For example, most people seem to learn faster when someone shows them what to do, demonstrates how to do something, and when you add that to the knowledge you gain from studying…you now have a deep well of knowledge to draw from.

People with experience can mentor you, guide you, advise you and help you avoid distasters in your business life.

You simply have to be ready to look, listen and learn.

One of our aims is to help you find people like this is by mingling with like minded people in the business world, at our offline business events.


2   “uGoGo” is also adapted from the popular encouragement statement – “You go, girl!

We adapted it to – “You Go! Go!” 

For us, it means take action, be encouraged, be confident.

We believe that with the wisdom of a mentor (uGoGo) and taking action using wisdom as your foundation, with your mentor guiding and helping you, you have a much better chance to succeed in business.

After all, you can have all the degrees in the world, but if you do nothing, nothing will happen.


Do you like this concept?  Does it appeal to you?  Do you see yourself as a mentor, or as mentoring someone?

yes, then UBC is the club for you. 

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