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Business Networking Events are an important aspect of promoting your business. These are highly effective, networking strategies used to expand your database, find valuable quality contacts, and get new business in your area as well as in different area’s.

At our events, you are EXPECTED to promote your business.  The entire purpose of our business events is to bring business people together, so that we can help and support each other.



Depending on the event type, these are just some of the ways you can market your business at our events:

  • Introduce yourself and your business on stage to all attending,
  • Introduce yourself and your business face to face, as you mingle,
  • Hand out business cards and flyers,
  • Collect business cards and flyers,
  • Display your signs, banners, catalogs and presentation materials,
  • Display your products or samples on tables or display stands.
  • Generate a list of new prospects who ask you to to follow up with more info, quotes, orders, etc,
  • Make sales at the events,
  • Grow your database of quality business leads,
  • At certain events you can apply to a speaker on the platform.

And much more.

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You can view full details of current events by logging into your Club Membership account.

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Informatl Business Event

There are many different types of networking events available to our members.

We offer informal and formal events.  We also offer social networking events, workshop  training networking events and events open to the public such as business expo events.



Bring and Braai or similar type events, usually open to bringing members of your family a long, and mostly casual smart attire.

After the opening speech, club updates and presentation, introduce yourself to other members, swap information and generate leads / clients.

This is our most common event and is a full on business promotion event, where you are expected to promote your business to other members whilst mingling. You can bring along your marketing material and display products, bring stock to sell, take orders at the events and so on.



Workshop Event Image


Business skills workshops and similar events, where you can book your team in and brand your table or stand.

Bring your full team representation, wear uniforms or branded apparel, bring banners and marketing materials.

During the breaks you can mingle and network with members.




From 2018 we plan to have professional business expo events, open to the public.

These are mini and large events where you can book stalls to display what you offer, open to the public.  The Event can be product market, service market, or both.

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You can take part in any of our events if you are an approved member.  It’s easy to be approved. Simply apply, complete your business profile and let us know when its ready for us to review.

You can attend any event anywhere in the country, you are not limited to any area.

You can send your representatives to an event in your stead, by arrangement.

This means you can send multiple representatives to multiple events that might be running cuncurrently.  The number of representatives you can send in to any event depends on your Membership Level.

It’s not compulsory for members to attend events;  this gives you the freedom to pick and choose and plan the ones you do wish to attend.

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