Creating an online presence for your business is a necessity that most business people are aware of today.

Not everyone has the time to set them up and maintain online business profiles, but almost everyone knows about the importance of having websites, social media profile pages, and more.

If you haven’t set up at least one business profile by now, then it’s time to start as soon as possible.  If you don’t have the skills, ask one of your friends or family members, or hire someone to do it for you.

One of the challenges is that there are so many social media platforms available today where you can set up your profile that they all kind-of blend in.  So what to do to make YOUR business profile stand out?




UBC offers a NEW concept – a way to have your business card displayed on our professional members directory – and it is linked directly to your professional business profile!  And its FREE!

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The benefits of having a professional profile setup on UBC are important – and you should take full advantage of them for your business.

  1.  Your UBC Profile page has its own unique link – which means that you can use it in your marketing content or even as your website address, if you don’t have a website yet.
  2. Your UBC Profile is device friendly, and adjusts according to whatever screen size the viewer is using when browsing your profile page.
  3. Your UBC Profile page is listed automatically by Google as part of UBC website pages.
  4. Using smart wording and pictures with impact can attract potential clients to contact you.
  5. Your UBC Business Card AND Profile are both listed on our directory.
  6. Our directory is view-able to all members, to any visitors and also listed on Google.



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After registering, login to your Dashboard and then follow the steps to setup your business profile and get it approved.

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1   Professional Banner

Create a professional banner to use as your header image. 

Utilize this header space to show off your business logo and products visually – you can display anything that will create an impression to the visitors.

Make sure that the image you use is the right size, and looks good once loaded on to your profile. 

If you need idea’s, visit our Professional Business Directory and browse members profiles, look at the different banners used in headers to give you inspiration.


2  Up To Date Profile Picture

Upload an up-to-date profile picture; we highly recommend that you use your own photo or the photo of an appointed representative that prospective clients are invited to contact.  A smart looking picture with a friendly and welcoming smile is encouraging.  People prefer to do have a point of contact, and your picture can give them the confidence to contact you.


3  Catchy Slogan

Have a catchy and pertinent slogan.  It can be your company slogan or your favorite quote, or anything that you believe should be in the slogan slot on your profile.  It could even be a simple summary of what you do.  “We fix fridges and stoves in South Coast, KZN” for example.


4 Powerful Description

People need to know who you are, what you offer, and how you can help them.  In other words, what is in it for them.

Avoid lengthy wordy closely packed descriptions, keep it short, interesting, easy reading and with lots of spacing.

People lead busy lives and if your page is difficult to read, people will move on.

Well spaced-out, short and to the point sentences with bulleted lists work very well to display what you offer potential clients. 

Don’t give out every bit of information you think they will want to know.  You need them to contact you to be on your database, so use “Call to Action” (See No 6 Below) prompts to encourage them to contact you.


5  Use Keywords

In you description, Include keywords and phrases associated with your business offer – consider how potential connections and your target audience may search for what you offer – and try to use those search terms in your sentences where possible.


6  Have a Call to Action

A call to action is a sentence or image encouraging your potential client to contact you for further information. 

It usually wraps up your description. It is the last part that encourages them to contact you.   

Be clear on how they can contact you and when are the best times for them to contact you.  Most important, they need to have a reason to contact you. 

For example, withhold pricing on your description, and add a call to action such as “to negotiate a special discount, call… ” or “Call by 10 October to receive 10% of your call out quote…” etc. You get the picture.


7  Up-to-Date Contact Info

Make sure your contact info is kept up-to-date.  Publishing you business hours is also very handy information for visitors who visit your profile page after hours.


8  Test all Links

If you enter any social media links on your profile page, then please take the time to test them by viewing your profile once you have saved your content. 

We have seen countless Facebook and LinkedIn links entered on members profiles that do not work.


9  Refresh Content Regularly

You can edit your profile at any time. Approved profiles are locked to prevent unauthorized edits – all you have to do to get it unlocked for editing is contact us and request it to be unlocked.  After you have finished editing, let us know it’s ready for us to review again.


10  Promote Your Professional Profile

Use your profile link in your online social media ads; when people share with their friends, your link is passed along with your advert.



That’s it!  Happy Profiling!!